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It is amazing getting comment comments from our readers! Receiving feedbacks and hear your thoughts about our content is the base for our quality improvements. We would like to grow a community ok kite surf passionate people just as we are, and to make it a pleasant experience for everyone we have some community guidelines regarding comments and posts.

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It is recommended practice to use REAL first name and email address when commenting. If anyone would deliberately use business name and/or business email, it will be considered self-promotion and the comment will be removed.

Don‘t link business name or blog anywhere in the comment section unless it is directly related to the topic taking place. Failing in this, the comment/post will be considered self-promotional and marked as spam. Most of the posted comments with links go directly to the spam folder for this reason.

It is also good practice to read over prior comments before asking a question. If in the conversation a similar question was already asked and answered, most likely your question won‘t be answered.

The following rules apply to all comments and posts on


Even though the team of is made by qualified and certified Kite surf Instructors, they are sharing their own experiences and ideas in the hope of inspiring users and visitors to take their own path in learning the discipline with the most suitable and appropriate means. No advice, suggestion or teaching contained in the present website should be considered as a proper training course. Users who are willing to approach the practice of kite surfing should consider the subscription to a proper course with qualified and certified kite instructors.

The management, the team, the users of the Kitesurfculture website and blog can not be held accountable in any way or measure for any material damage, bodily harm, injury, emotional stress, or death, caused by performing any of the practices, comments, suggestions, ideas, examples or information found it Kitesurfculture website.

The information contained on this website, or provided at any user request, is for informational purposes only. No information on is or should be used for the purposes of substitute the proper training provided by qualified and certified professional instructors and schools.

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May the wind be with you, always!

The Kitesurf Culture Team.

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