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Go kiting to Estonia: Why choose this country?

Out of the three Baltic countries, Estonia is probably the poshest, due to the neighbor Finland which helped the country to develop faster than Latvia and Lithuania. Even though Estonia isn't intuitively coming to mind as a major kite destination, if you are planning to visit the country, definitely consider carrying with you the kite gear. The south coast from Parnu to Virstu together with the Estonian Islands offers several occasions and spots to have great kite sessions with plenty of kitesurfing days each summer. The kitesurfing period is reasonably going from May to October, but using warm equipment it can be extended to April and November.

Pros: Friendly people and kiters, lush nature, and fairly good kitesurfing conditions, especially in the south of the country and on its beautiful islands

Cons: Pretty cold overall weather, it always requires a minimum of 5/3mm wetsuit. The warm season to kite is short

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go kiting to Estonia

Go Kiting to Estonia: Main Info

Time Zone : GMT +2.00

Air Lines : Estonian air, Ryanair, Wizz, Baltic Airlines

Main Airports : Tallin, Tartu, Kuressare

Electricity : 230V 50Hz

Launguage : Estonian, English widespread

Vaccines : None
*This does not include Covid restrictions

Travel Tips

When traveling to Estonia, keep in mind that the warm season on the Baltic coast is delayed compared to the continental part of the country, so if you want to find milder temperatures on the coast and the islands better aim for the later summer more than the beginning months. From July to September you will find the warmest conditions. If you can choose, talk in English more than in Russian, since due to the past socialist domination and the strong nationalist pride there might still be less empathy to visitors speaking the second language. In rural areas, consider using insect repellent and covering your skin to protect against ticks.

Destination Best for : Singles, couples, families, groups

Budget ($/$$/$$$) : $$$

Currency : Euro

go kiting to Estonia
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