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Flat Spot

Water: Crystal Clear

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Jeneponto (Indonesia)

Jeneponto is a premier kiteboarding spot renowned for its exceptional wind conditions and pristine lagoon waters. From May to October, the area is graced with consistent southeastern winds, boasting an impressive 80% of kite days and an average wind speed of 20 knots. The peak months of July, August, and September are particularly remarkable, with wind speeds frequently exceeding 35 knots, earning Jeneponto the coveted ranking of #1 worldwide for August, according to Windguru archives.

Safety and Conditions:
One of the standout features of Jeneponto is the on-shore wind pattern, which gently pushes riders towards the beach, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience. The kite size most commonly used by riders weighing between 80-85kg is an 8m kite, providing the ideal balance of power and maneuverability.

Lagoon and Beach:
Nestled in a secure lagoon stretching over 2km of shallow and flat waters, Jeneponto offers a pristine and uncrowded kiteboarding environment that was unveiled in 2019. Go kiting to this spot and enjoy the ample beach space for safe take-offs and landings, with a width of up to 300m during low tide, perfect for practicing mountain boarding.

Versatility and Excitement:
The spot caters to all levels of kiteboarding enthusiasts, from beginners to experienced riders. The lagoon's dynamic tides create a constantly evolving environment, ensuring that the fun never wanes. Glassy waters and small kickers add an extra layer of excitement, allowing riders to hone their skills and push the boundaries with new tricks and big airs.

Jeneponto promises an unforgettable kiteboarding experience, combining world-class wind conditions, stunning natural beauty, and a diverse range of challenges to suit every level of expertise.

Spot characteristics

Spot Type


Rider Skill



Few people on the spot

Beach Type


Water Quality

Crystal Clear

Tide Influence

All tide levels with different conditions (chop - flat - wave)

Suggested Equipment

28C day temperature with the wind


Seaweed nets at large

Other info

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How to get There

Located on the island of Sulawesi in a small village named Mallasoro at 80 km from Makassar, and its international airport: Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (UPG, alternative name Ujung Pandang). Accessing Jeneponto is convenient, whether you're coming directly from abroad or traveling within Indonesia. If you're arriving from overseas, you can either transit through Singapore or Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and catch a direct flight to Makassar (around a 3-hour flight). Alternatively, you can connect through major Indonesian hubs such as Jakarta or Bali, and then take a connecting flight to Makassar (app


Public - Project of access fees by the village

Wind Conditions

Wind Range

From 15 to 35 Knots

% of Windy days per month

Main wind directions

Forecast on windy.com

Video on the Kite Spot

Have a look to the video from Charlotte Consorti in Jeneponto

Local Kitesurfing Schools

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