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Le Morne

Wave Spot

Water: Crystal Clear

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Le Morne (Mauritius)

Le Morne is one of the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide, in terms of spot quality and variety, lush environment, and wind consistency. From the small peninsula where you can find the white coral beach with sufficient space to launch and land the kite, you can practically ride in any kitesurfing condition. This is due to the surrounding coral reef that creates an internal lagoon with mirror-like, crystal-clear, and shallow flatwater, while just a bit more than a kilometer off the coast causes the formation of waves.

Any riding style and level, from beginner to the most expert can find an ideal and challenging kitesurfing playground. The lagoon is great for freeride, freestyle, and beginner's lessons, while wave riding plays the biggest role outside the reef.

For beginners it is advisable to stay inside the lagoon and enjoy the flat water spot, avoiding the wave spots, where big waves and the reef can make self-rescue maneuvers difficult. If you are an expert though, you can venture into some of the best wave spots you can find. They are scattered all around the external side of the reef (see the picture below):

Le Morne Kite Spots

This is the most famous or even notorious wave spot of Mauritius, with powerful waves, which break and form perfect tubes long hundreds of meters along the reef. The waves are among the cleanest and fastest you can find anywhere, but at the same time, they are really powerful and dangerous. There are more than one stories about epic wipeouts and horrific injuries, that suggest the maximum respect when approaching these ocean wonders

Another reef break closer to Le Morne lagoon offers a bit easier condition to wave kiting, especially in high tide, but significantly shorter waves than One Eye. Let's keep in mind though that on good days the waves can reach up to three meters (18 ft.) of height and suggest respect.


PLatin Rouge is located between Manawa and the flat entrance of the lagoon. We have fast wave break waves and the reef isn't very deep, making this spot best suited to expert riders,

If you are not an expert on waves and you want to take it easy on this discipline, this is the spot for you. Little Reef lies between One Eye and the lagoon entrance, on the opposite side of Platin Rouge. The deeper reef and the small long waves make it the ideal point to approach surfing.
The windy season for Le Morne, as per all the rest of Mauritius, starts from April and goes all the way to November, and it offers consistent winds coming from East and South-East that can range between 15 and 25 knots. In the peak of the winter season, July through August, the wind direction can often turn more from the South-East or even the South.
You can find good windy days also in the rest of the year (apart from the rainy February), but the wind is not as consistent as in the Mauritian winter season.

All in all, this is a must-to-visit kite spot at least once in a lifetime, and worth considering putting on your bucket list.

Spot characteristics

Spot Type


Rider Skill



Seasonal Crowd

Beach Type


Water Quality

Crystal Clear

Tide Influence

All tide levels with different conditions (chop - flat - wave)

Suggested Equipment

Lycra, Shorty


During the low tide, in the lagoon rocks can stick out of the water, better find the areas with a sandy bottom.
One Eye, Manawa, and Platin Rouge are wave spots suitable mostly for advanced wave riders, make sure you are good enough before adventuring yourself onto these.
For beginners, it is advisable to stay inside the lagoon and pay a lot of attention to the lagoon tidal currents, especially at the only entrance of the lagoon that become very strong and pull to the open sea on low tide movements. If venturing there it is a good idea to book a rescue boat, just for these cases.

Other info

On no-wind days SUP practicing and snorkeling are great backup activities and if you feel adventurous, you can hike up Le Morne and enjoy a breathtaking view of the lagoon.
Don't forget to try the local street food, and incredible mix of African, Indian, Creole, and Chinese traditions, unique in their genre.



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Closest City

Port Louis

How to get There

Direct flies are coming from several European and African airports. Moving around the Island is pretty easy and a car can be easily rented especially for low wind days.


The beach is public and easily accessible

Wind Conditions

Wind Range

From 15 to 25 Knots

% of Windy days per month

Main wind directions

Forecast on windy.com

Video on the Kite Spot

This a great video from Spotseeker.com showcasing the main Le Morne kite spots.

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