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Lagoa de Óbidos

Flat Spot

Water: Crystal Clear

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Lagoa de Óbidos (Portugal)

Lagoa de Óbidos has become a popular destination for kitesurfers in recent years. This expansive saltwater lagoon, the largest in Europe, offers ideal conditions that have attracted pro riders, promotional photoshoots, and major product testing events. What makes the Obidos Lagoon such a prime spot to go kiting?:

Flat, Shallow Waters:

The Obidos lagoon features very shallow waters, creating a safe environment for learning and practicing kitesurfing. The flat, mellow conditions mean there's no risk of being swept away, even for beginner riders. As your skills progress, the lagoon's mild chop provides the perfect venue to work on your first jumps and other maneuvers.:

Consistent, Cross-Onshore Winds.:

The prevailing winds at the Obidos lagoon are cross-onshore, providing a stable, reliable wind resource for kitesurfers. Unlike many other spots, there are no tricky channels or gusts to contend with. The North-Westerly winds blowing directly off the ocean maintain a smooth, steady flow, making this an excellent location for riders of all experience levels.:

Abundant Space:

With its massive size, the Obidos lagoon offers ample room to set up, launch, and ride without feeling cramped or crowded, even on busy days. Beginners can practice in the open waters without worrying about colliding with other kiters, while more advanced riders have plenty of space to push their limits.:

Whether you're just starting or looking to take your kitesurfing to new levels, Go Kiting to Obidos Lagoon is a great idea: the spot is an exceptional destination that delivers all the key ingredients - flat water, consistent winds, and wide open spaces - that make for an incredible kiting experience. Moreover, you can head to the front pot on the ocean for an exceptional wave riding session.

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Crystal Clear

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Rideable with high tide

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The Obidos Lagoon presents relatively low inherent dangers for kitesurfers. The consistent cross-onshore winds eliminate the risk of being swept out to sea, while the shallow, sandy waters pose little threat of injury from falls.
Riders still need to exercise caution and good judgment, but the natural features of the Obidos lagoon create a secure environment, especially for beginner and intermediate kitesurfers looking to progress their skills.



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