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Kalpitiya Main Lagoon

Flat Spot

Water: Dark - Muddy

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Kalpitiya Main Lagoon (Sri Lanka)

Great lagoon with very good conditions of flat water. There are two main seasons in Kalpitiya the summer (May to September) hot and with strong winds and the winter one from December to February with more gentle winds. This lagoon is best suited for the winter season since in summer the south direction is covered by land and the wind results very gusty or even doesn't reach the lagoon. The water is flat and shallow and without specific dangers

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Spot characteristics

Spot Type


Rider Skill



Seasonal Crowd

Beach Type


Water Quality

Dark - Muddy

Tide Influence

Tide independent

Suggested Equipment



The lagoon is quite crowded but relatively safe

Other info

Some restaurants in the beach area and the possibility to stay and dine in several kite resorts. Kalpitiya has some restaurant but the options are limited and not amazing.



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Closest City


How to get There

Drive north from Colombo. In Palaviya turn for Kalpitya peninsula. Before reaching Kalpitia you have to turn towards Kandakuli to reach the beach area.


There is public access and if you have no transportation you can get a tuc tuc taxi

Wind Conditions

Wind Range

From 13 to 27 Knots

% of Windy days per month

Main wind directions

Forecast on windy.com

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