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Kite Beach Dubai

Chop Spot

Water: Crystal Clear

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Kite Beach Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Kite beach is the official kitespot in Dubai and on this spot kiters have precedence over other beach users. On windy days often swimming is forbidden on this beach to give priority to kitesurfers. Nevertheless, the beach is often quite crowded by beachgoers and on low wind days, it really gets crowded. For this reason, kite foilers and hydrofoils, that can ride with little wind, prefer the close spot of Jumeriah, which is often less crowded. On the few strong wind days, they instead converge here since the condition, in that case, to set the kites and get in the water are better here.

The beach is pretty wide and there is plenty of space to set and launch the kite even on crowded days, but the access to the water can be through other beachgoers.

Even in the windy season, the conditions are normally of light winds between 8 and 14 knots, but sometimes, especially in January and February, you can have 1 or two days of wind above 20-25 knots. The main season is between November and March, while in the hot months the windy days are very limited or absent.

Spot characteristics

Spot Type


Rider Skill



Seasonal Crowd

Beach Type


Water Quality

Crystal Clear

Tide Influence

Tide independent

Suggested Equipment

Shorty or complete wetsuit for the coldest days in January and February, Lycra the rest of the time


The beach tends to be crowded with other beachgoers. The surrounding beaches are closed with chained buys, so make sure to land back to the kite beach. Some shells on the beach can be a danger for the kites that can be damaged if crashed or dragged on the sand.

Other info

The spot is in Dubai's urban area and you can find any means for accommodations, restaurants, or any other amenity. Directly on the beach, there are several street food kiosks, with various food choices, from junk to healthy.



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Closest City


How to get There

From Jumeirah street going south coming from Downtown Dubai, take 27A street on the left and drive all the way to the beach, turning left on 2C street, which leads to the Kite Beach parking after 3-400 mt.


The parking is public, you need to pay the stationary fee onsite to the parking meter or use your phone line to pay by texting to the number 7275 adding your car plate number, space, the park code you will find on the signs, the number of hours you want to spend.

Wind Conditions

Wind Range

From 5 to 16 Knots

% of Windy days per month

Main wind directions

Forecast on windy.com

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