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Corpus Christi Bay

Flat Spot

Water: Dark - Muddy

Beach: Sand

Level: beginner

Description of Corpus Christi Bay (United States Of America)

Corpus Christi is one of the best kitesurfing locations in the US. It actually includes several spots around the huge bay, where you can find the most suitable for your riding style, and it is probably the windiest kite area in the country, according to wind average statistics. Among the countless launching points, the best known are Wildcat Park Portland, probably the windiest one, Grassy Point Corpus Christi with its flatwater channels, and Oso Bay a flatwater spot behind a long sandbank.
Being the area so full of kite spots it would be quite long to quote them all a after way is to check out the following linked google map, kindly shared by Kynan Stevenson:

Corpus Christy Bay kite spot map

Another great plus, thanks to the myriad of available kite spots in the area, consists in the fact that most of them are completely uncrowded and most of the time you can find yourself in the water with no more than 5-6 kiters.

Spot characteristics

Spot Type


Rider Skill



Few people on the spot

Beach Type


Water Quality

Dark - Muddy

Tide Influence

Tide independent

Suggested Equipment

Boots, shoes


In many spots the sandy-muddy bottom hides she's, so in waist-high water is best to wear protective boots or shoes

Other info

During the summer season, you can take part in the Fridays' Bay Crossing. It is a great occasion to meet local riders and get precious advice on your stay. The Crossing starts from Wildcat Park in Portland and ends on the other side of the bay to Fajitaville, Corpus Christi. For detailed info on the spots you can check also this link: Corpus Christi spots



spot map
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Closest City

Corpus Christi

How to get There

Car is a must to be able to reach all the best spots


There are several access points around the bay area. Locals can provide great information and best advice according to the wind conditions

Wind Conditions

Wind Range

From 12 to 20 Knots

% of Windy days per month

Main wind directions

Forecast on windy.com

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