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We cannot decide where the wind blows, but we can adjust our sails and let it do his job. 'Adjusting' is a matter of choosing the right equipment, have the proper information and train to be ready for the next session or Kite Trip, having the proper kitesurf resources.


Kitesurf Wind Forecast
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Windfinder is a website specialized in measuring and forecasting winds, waves, tides and weather for wind base sports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. In my opinion is one of the most effective webiste worldwide. It also benefits in a large network of affiliates in several spots around the world, which provide real-time information through the monitoring of local weather stations. Locally you can still find better forecasts, especially where there are specific local conditions which hardly can be predicted with math models (we will try to list them below as we find), but this is a great tool to help to plan your kite trip, thanks also to the great weather statistics on each of the marked spot.


WindGuru is another player in the Weather Forecasts based on Numeric Weather models. As Widfinder it is really a great tool to play around with and, as his direct competitor, it suffers of lack of resolution when it deepens in the prediction of spots with particular local geographical and thermal specificities as they point out: "GFS model has a coarse resolution, as a result of this, local effects like thermal winds on Lake Garda for example, or how the local terrain affects wind flows around your spot are not visible to the model". I have often been involved in debates which between these two is the best, but I'd really consider them both as a great basic forecast instruments.

Windy App

Windy app is a relatively newer service than the previous two. Its interface is pretty well-designed and endearing. They have a great collection of widgets you can use in your website as the two previous competitors, but personally I like its graphic design a lot. It works it is pretty well as the other two, but lately I have the impression of a more aggressive implementation of new forecast model and services. Definitely a great growing platform, worth to give a look at.


Another cool general Weather Sea Forecast website, not specifically designed for kitesurfers, but still an interesting tool.


If you live somewhere around Australia, Seabreeze will turn out quite accurate. I used it a lot in my trip on the west coast in 2012. Very reliable source of info.

Arpa (North Italy)

Well, this is a classic example of local very effective weather and wind forecast. Where windguru cannot make, specifically the lake of Garda in Nort Italy, this link can help you with. I use it a lot when I am in the region and it is very precise in predicting winds on Garda Lake, Como Lake and Iseo Lake. All interesting Italian kite spots.

Finnish Meteorological Institute

If you are hanging on the Baltic coasts of Finland, maybe this can be the local referral to winds you need.


Kitesurf Organizations
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IKO International Kiteboarding Organization

Probably the most well known kiteboarding organization in the world. A sort of what is PADI in diving, this is for Kitesurf. They promote high standards of kitesurfing teaching methods and the network of IKO school is spread worldwide. If you need a good kiteschool, you might want to visit their website to find it.

Global Kitesports Association

the GKA is an alliance that consists of most of kiteboarding’s main brands, so it is naturally in their interest to ensure that a healthy, ambitious and aspirational, professional competitive scene continues to flourish in all kiteboarding’s disciplines. From 2017 the GKA was entrusted by World Sailing to run World Championships and World Cup events in the kiteboarding and its disciplines of wave, strapless freestyle, big air and twin-tip freestyle as well as slider/obstacle events.

IKA International Kiteboarding Association

the International Kiteboarding Association is responsible for the management of five classes of Kiteboarding: Formula Kite, IKA Open, IKA Twin Tip Racing, IKA Twin Tip Freestyle, IKA Wave, IKA Slalom, IKA Speed, IKA KiteFoil. The purpose of the International Kiteboarding Association is to promote the kitesurfing sport on a global level.

British Kitesports

British Kitesports, the appointed National Governing Body for Kitesurfing and other kitesports in the UK.

Fedeation Francaise de Vol Libre

French federation grouping many disciplines of kite and sail sports, including kiteboarding.

Deutscher Windsurf- und Wassersportverband

The German homologous of IKO. They promote high standards in kitesurfng training developed by themselves, and they are quite spread in the world especially between German language speaking kite surfers.

Italian Kiteboarding Class

The CKI Association, Kiteboarding Class Italy is recognized within the Italian Sailing Federation as a Class that manages, regulates and organizes the activity of Kiteboarding in all its disciplines throughout the country. It supports the promotion and development of the discipline and coordinates competitive activities, both youth and senior.It organizes the Italian National Championships for each discipline, Racing Foil, Formula Kite, Slalom & Boardercross, Freestyle and StrapsLess Freestyle, Wave and Speed.

American Kiteboarding Association

The American Kiteboarding Association is the US National Authority in the kiteboarding system administered by the International Kiteboarding Association and World Sailing.


Kitesurf travels
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The very well known service for low airlines fares. Jist give it a try if you have never tried it.

Google Flights

Another option to find cheap flight solutions. Will it become better than the historical Skyscanner?

Air BnB

Well, AirBnB has become the leader in its market niche. People rent their houses around the world and there are plenty close to your favorite kite spot destination.

As AirBnB, is a leader of its market and it is well known. I put it here just to be more complete in the list, but I bet you already know it. If you prefer choosing between hotels instead of private rental properties, this is one of the websites to visit.


Couchsurfing is an amazing app to help people meet around the world. It takes a bit to know and hang around with some house host but it is definitely worth the experience. You might become a guest of some fellow kitesurfer, who lives in some nice spot. Plus there is already a community of kitesurfing with over 2k members, check it here.

Kite BnB

Mimic the great AriBnB website, but with a kite nuance. The idea is pretty good, even though at the moment their area of influence is South Africa and surroundings

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