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The Kite School

There is a water sport that combines the greatest adrenaline hit in the world while flying and riding waves: that is kitesurfing. Surely you are searching for a course to learn kiting because you have fallen in love after seeing people flying above the waves several meters high.

We offer courses for single and double students at one time. The place? The spot is located close to Cadiz in the town of El Puerto de Santa María, which is a perfect corner to ride thanks to the ideal weather conditions that this region offers. The kitesurfing course lasts 6 hours and we will distribute it in 2-hour sessions over 3 days.

Kitesurfing really hooks you in, so prepare to experience a feeling of inexplicable euphoria for which you will not need anything. We will start learning kitesurfing from scratch and we will leave you with all the necessary materials and equipment, as well as a private professional trainer, certified by the Andalusian Sailing Federation, so rest assured that you will learn every technique and secret of kitesurfing from the hand of an expert. Just come with a bathing suit, towel, a change of clothes, sunscreen, and drink water.

In the kitesurfing course we will merge both theory and practice, we will learn about clothing and simulate exercises on land to later perform them in the sea. This sport is really exciting, the thing is that it is also really exhausting since it requires a lot of physical strength and mental agility, therefore, it is perfect to learn it with a friend. In this way, while one person practices certain exercises, the other rests and takes note of what he sees and of the doubts. For these kitesurfing classes, we will specifically cover the following topics:

Meteorology: winds, orientation, force, and direction.
How the kite works in the air.
Clothing: parts of the kite, safety systems, and harness.
Power zones and flight window.
Take off and land.
Bodydrag, that is, to slide through the water.
Recover the board by body drag.
Positions to be located on the table and ways to do it.
Departure and directions.
Navigation with board (Waterstart).
Disassembly and storage.

In short, a very complete kitesurfing course, with which you will learn everything you need to know about this sport to practice it with confidence in just 3 days. Your afternoons at the beach will take on another dimension and you will have a great time riding the waves and taking off from them until you can glide over the waves, kiteboarding is a fulfilling experience, and if it is practiced in El Puerto de Santa María, even more.

School's Services and Amenities

Foreño Kite School is affiliated with the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO) and the Spanish 'Federación Andaluza de Vela' (FAV), providing kitesurfers with services such as individual kitesurfing Lessons, and group kitesurfing Lessons.

Foreño Kite School is also the only school registered with Kitesurf Culture in the area of El Puerto de Santa María (Spain) to offer equipment storage.

Individual Lessons
Group Lessons
Equipment Storage

Available Teaching Languages: Spanish



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