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Go kiting to Egypt: Why choose this country?

Egypt is one of the most popular kite destinations for those who want to progress thoroughly on flat water turquoise lagoons, sunbathing, and stay in comfortable hotels with average quite good service and at relatively low cost. Of course, large hotels aren't quite authentic but deliver a good quality-price ratio for an easy-going kite vacation. Its closeness to Europe makes it a kitesurfing landmark for those who prefer not to travel too far to find kitesurfing conditions all year round. In Egypt you have a lot of choices of kitesurfing spot and conditions: Safaga, El Gouna, Marsa Alam, Soma Bay, Sharm El Sheikh...

Pros: Good quality-price ratio for accommodation and kitesurfing. Easy to reach from Europe with budget flights.

Cons: Resorts are normally big chains with not much of real Egyptian flavor. The political situation isn't always stable so better to get information before visiting the country

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go kiting to Egypt

Go Kiting to Egypt: Main Info

Time Zone : GMT + 02.00

Air Lines : Swiss, EasyJet,EgyptAir,Pegasus Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines

Main Airports : Cairo, Sharm el Sheich, Hurgada, Marsa Alam

Electricity : 220v 50Hz

Launguage : Modern Standard Arabic

Vaccines : None required
*This does not include Covid restrictions

Travel Tips

If you are looking for a holiday with good shopping, nightlife, golf and other luxuries El Gouda and Sharm are the place to go. Taxis are inexpensive and easily available to take you around town. Other destinations such as Safaga or Marsa Alam are more secluded with limited extra activities offered besides the sea ones. Shuttle buses and taxis are the preferred methods of getting around. Bringing your gear is recommended as rentals are normally relatively expensive.

Destination Best for : Couples, Singles, Families

Budget ($/$$/$$$) : $$

Currency : Egyptian Pound

go kiting to Egypt
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