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Go kiting to Spain: Why choose this country?

Spain is among the most interesting countries to visit for kitesurfing. Its position between the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic offers a variety of conditions to kite second to none. The same location provides kitesurfing conditions all year round. From the Cadiz Region to Andalucia, The Regions of Murcia and Valencia, Catalunia, and the Atlantic coast have plenty of great kite spots to discover. If that is not enough you can visit The Balearic islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, in front of Morocco. If kitesurfing isn't enough to plan a trip to Spain, just consider the culinary specialties and the sightseeing treasures all over the peninsula.

Pros: Great kitesurfing conditions all year round, plenty of things to do after kiting. Great food.

Cons: Some very popular places can get very crowded during the main season. Restrictions on beaches for kiters in summer. On the Atlantic coast wetsuit is normally needed.

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go kiting to Spain

Go Kiting to Spain: Main Info

Time Zone : GMT + 1.00

Air Lines : Various from all over Europe and the world. For cheap transfers, low-cost Ryanair and others are a pretty valid solution.

Main Airports : All over the country depending on your destination

Electricity : 220v 50hz

Launguage : Spanish, Enlish

Vaccines : None
*This does not include Covid restrictions

Travel Tips

Adapt to Spanish time, people are quite laid-back in the country, and meals are normally eaten very late especially dinner. Take advantage of the tapas culture and try all these different small delicacies. Don't underestimate the northern regions on the Atlantic, they can turn out great surprises. Maybe avoid the middle of the summer when it is overcrowded everywhere, preferring Spring or Fall for great kitesurfing conditions.

Destination Best for : Singles, Couples, Family

Budget ($/$$/$$$) : $$

Currency : Euro

go kiting to Spain
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